PLE & Macro to select all visible mixer channels, then solo

Evenin’ all,

I’m trying to set up a macro that will select ONLY the visible mixer tracks and then solo them.

I’m using this PLE function:

Container Type is -> Equal -> Track
Function -> Select

I’ve saved this as a preset (call it “PLE preset”)

Then i’ve built a macro that goes:

PLE preset
Mixer - Q-Link
Edit - solo
Mixer - Q-Link

The problem is that this macro selects all tracks in the whole project, not just the visible tracks in the mixer.

Could anyone tell me how to tweak this so that ONLY the visible channels in the mixer get selected, then solo’d?


You need

Property | is not set | is Hidden

Thanks a lot!

That’s fixed the selection issue but now i’m getting weirdness with not all channels being solo’d (in the mixer) with the above described macro.

Is there another way to achieve what i want? So, i mean, remove the:


part of the macro?

So, just do the whole thing in the PLE?