PLE/Metagrid Open Folder, keep sub folders folded?

I’m really loving Metagrid and building my PLE commands and Marcos to hide all and open selected specific instrument group folders.

I’m able to create macros that hide all and open the selected instrument group folder, for example called “STRINGS” - That STRINGS folder contains multiple sub folders called “Long, short, Legato,Trem, etc… As it is, when I trigger the macro on Metagrid, all other template folders are hidden, and the STRINGS folder opens but also opens/unfolds all the sub folders.

Is there a way/key command for unfolding ONLY the top hierarchy folder “STRINGS” and keeping all the sub folders underneath visible, but closed??

This is the problem I’m having- I’ve found a few “unfold” key commands, and the Metagrid “MG_Unfold_All_Visible” PLE preset… but cant find any “fold” command to toggle back and forth??

I’m a total noob at this PLE stuff, so I’m not quite sure how to create the boolean command path in the PLE to just “fold” a track…


Once you click to the Folder track, the logic is following:

  • Click: The last state will expanded. So if some child folders were collapsed, they stay collapsed.
  • Ctrl/Cmd + Click: All folders and subfolders become expanded or collapsed.

I’m trying to do the same thing, and didn’t see how the reply was useful or even relevant (my lack of understanding, no disrespect to the person who answered).

Is there a way to do this, and could someone possible spell it out in (very) plain English? Like the OP, I want to be able to use Metagrid to open my ‘master’ folders (Strings, Woodwinds etc etc) and leave individual folders (Spitfire Symphonic Strings, Action Strikes etc etc) closed.

Thanks so much for any info!


Not at DAW to give the exact commands. But the PLE will let you use text strings as part of the top’s selection criteria. So if you came up with some sort of naming scheme, you could use that to ID specific Tracks.

Oh, yeah, I suppose you could - sounds like a fair bit of work + thinking, so I’ll see if I get time to execute this. You could label your master folders (M), and then subfolders (SF) and get the PLE to fold/unfold accordingly. Good idea, thanks for suggesting it.

You’d probably want to put the ID strings at the end of a name so that is what gets cut off in a display.

One of the example PLE’s will remove “(R)” from a Track name - which is the default that is added to a Track name after Render In Place. Flip that around to add your text ID’s.

Thinking about it (again not at DAW to check) you might be able to do this based on the Folder’s color. Cubase defaults to naming the colors Color 1, Color 2, Color 3… (if I recall right). But you can name the colors however you like and the PLE can access those Color Names. I use this so I can set colors from Metagrid.

Turns out that toggling the folder state based on its color name is super easy. The attached gif shows an example in action. Most of my color names are for instruments or voices. So the example uses a green color named Tenor. You’d need to build one of these for each color you’d like to be able to toggle & probably give them more appropriate names than “Tenor”

Toggle folders by color name.gif
I suppose something similar could be done to show & hide Folders or Tracks.

This is pretty cool, glad you asked. I don’t typically use folders much because it always seemed more work messing with them than it was worth. But looking at this, that might be worth rethinking - especially if I can make a bunch of folder control buttons on Metagrid.

Oh, sorry, I’ve just seen this. Looks great! I’ll have a play :slight_smile:

Check this out, which evolved from this thread. Functionally it’s kind of like invisible folders

Love it! It’ll take a bit of time for me to implement that, but it’s definitely worth it. Thanks for the tip!