PLE Palette - internal customizable floating window button board. Export to iPad, standalone


I would like to see an internal solution to breaking out all my PLE commands into a customizable button board in a floating window with pages.

-how many pages
-rename pages
-different colour backgrounds per page
-buttons per page
-size and colour of each button
-slightly different shapes (straight edge, curved edge, circle, square, rectangle)
-Menu Selection button dropdown menus
-Ability to add non-PLE key commands
-MIDI note/Channel assignment per button
-Interconnection with Generic Remote

-Quick Macro maker - essentially records a series of commands you give it, and turns it into a button (and adds it to key commands macro in the background)

-Window focused shortcut mode (if window is focused, acquires keyboard shortcut focus and applies on a per-page basis)

I would like to save these PLE button boards but not only that. I would like to be able to export them as some sort of universal format (HTML 5 or something??) which could be opened up on a separate laptop or iPad, etc, etc and use it from there to trigger PLE on my DAW.

See MetaGrid, XotoPad, StreamDeck