PLE: Possible to run macro after, but only if filter conditions are met?

First post on the new forum :-). I’m on 9.5 Pro.

I would like to fire a macro with a key command, but ONLY if the currently selected track is a MIDI track. So I came up with this:

Expected behavior: if the currently selected track is a MIDI track, run the macro.
However, it appears the PLE always runs the macro afterwards, regardless of what’s happening in the conditions section of the PLE. Setting the Function to ‘Select’ or ‘Transform’ makes no difference.

So is what I want not possible?

I don’t think it’s possible, the Filter/Action is for the ‘Function’ Select or Transform.

But what is your use case Exactly? What is the Macro? Why do you need this PLE if the track is already selected - why not just run the macro?

Yes, unfortunately evoking a macro depending on the filter criteria is no possible.
Would make sense, though.

@seahawk Try this:

This was simply brain flatulence. I’ll leave it posted for context, or in case a court of law ever needs proof that I am somewhat less than perfect. (I know, and you know, but the judge don’t know.)

link it to this macro,

which fires this PLE Preset

Hi steve,
what would be the expected result of this? :slight_smile:

This particular one would delete the track.
The point is that an if-then can work if the function is available in the PLE.
I tested it with Delete, but I presume it would work with any action PLE can do. (as opposed to what a macro can do)

Thanks for chiming in, guys.

My aim is to have a key command that only does something when the currently selected track is a MIDI track.

In my particular case the key command is being sent to Cubase from a larger Autohotkey macro script. But I won’t bother you with all that :-).

Steve, your suggestion seems to simply proof that the PLE filter conditions can only apply to PLE actions, and not to whether or not the subsequent macro is launched. Correct? Or am I missing something?

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Edit: Well, yes. It shows a method to create an if-then structure, using Delete as the command when the filter = true.

What specific thing are you trying to do? this is not apparent in your post.

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Macros are simply attached to the ‘Apply’ button or application of a PLE preset, not the PLE.

This could be a good feature request though, to list ‘Macro’ as a action target operation.

No, It is I who am missing something.

Haha, sorry to be vague, Steve, if that’s what you mean. Just trying to determine whether this is possible or not.

This would be part of a big custom Autohotkey macro that does multiple things, so getting into that would be well beyond the scope of this thread.


I still don’t understand your overall objective with this, what’s the purpose?

I don’t mean you’re being vague – my solution is not a solution! :roll_eyes: :nerd_face:

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