PLE question


I can’t get this to work as my PLE knowledge is somewhat limited.

I have a folder containing some audio tracks. I mapped a PLE show / hide folder operation to a shortcut, so far so good.

What I need to do now is to make sure, that the folder will be muted whenever it is hidden, and unmuted whenever it’s shown.

Thanks in advance!


Could you attach a screenshot of the current PLE you made?

In general, just add another line in the bottom part, to Mute the track.

Yes, as Martin says, should be just add an action to the same PLE preset that mutes the track. But the two commands in a row go too fast for Cubase, so an intermediate command that takes some microseonds but does nothing is needed. I used “Replace Search String” See graphic:

Thanks you! I have been that far actually, adding the mute toggle to the hide operation.

The thing is that I need the mute to be active depending on the visibility state of the folder. I guess that’s not possible and I will have to map two physical keys for show/unmute as well as hide/mute. Please correct me if I’m wrong.



I’m afraid this wouldn’t work.

1st there is no way, how to find the hidden track/folder (because you cannot select it). I tried to do it based on the name. But I’m not sure it’s a good idea and universal enough.

So I tried this PLE:
Name > Contains > Folder > And
Property > Property is set > Is Hidden

Track Operation > Mute > Enable.

But when I hide my Folder folder and trigger this PLE and show the folder afterwards, the Folder (and all tracks inside) was not Muted.

True, but while limited by the need of specifying the track by name (or contains, or not contains), depending on the use-case, it can be useful.

Still, special workaround is needed- a macro that repeats the PLE command a few times. (two might be enough, I used four to be sure.):

Thanks a bunch! I shall give this a shot asap