PLE Selecting Automation on multi out instruments?

Is there way to select volume automation on multi out channel instruments?

For example:

  1. Load Groove Agent SE (or any other instrument that has multi out)
  2. Engage several outputs and put some volume automation on channel 3
  3. Open Project Logical Editor and select that volume automation.

I tried with this but it only selects individual channels not Instrument multi channels.

Is there way to select all volume/mute/etc automations including on the Instrument multi channels as well via PLE?



I would try to remove the
Container Type is | Equal | Track
line in this case.

Thanks Martin I already tried, and it miss the multi channels. Maybe its bug?


There are some PLE presets working with the automation. Could you please have a look how are they done? I’m not with Cubase right now.

Yes indeed, that is from where I started actually.
“Decrease Volume of Selected Track by 1dB inside Cycle”
and this preset works on all other tracks except multi out tracks.


I see. But the multi-outs automation tracks are not named Volume, are they?

The problem is that the PLE doesn’t evaluate the names of automation tracks of additional Instrument Track audio returns, only the main audio return (which itself is an automation track).

Bug, or missing function, take your pick. From my perspective, it’s a missing function, so maybe a Feature Request is in order.

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Yes exactly this! Somehow PLE features on multi outs are limited to some extend, and would be nice to have same treatment like other tracks… :slight_smile:

I’ll add the tag. You can use a vote on this…

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