PLE - Send midi message on track selection based on track name?

Is it possible to send a specific midi CC message (preferably on a specific midi port) every time i select a track containing a specified name?
I am thinking it should be doable in PLE?


Where do you want to send MIDI Message to, what if the destination, please?

PLE is here more to transform the data/state, insert data, etc.

There might be a way to use the MIDI Remote, but it depends at your use case. What do you want to do/achieve, please?

Hi Martin,
I have a Stream Deck and Keyboard Maestro.
KM is set up so that when it receives a midi message, for example a CC 11 message on channel 10, it triggers a blank app, which in turns switches the active profile in Stream Deck, displaying the articulations for my currently selected instrument track in Cubase.
I can already do this using the generic remote, but it is inconvenient because it is dependent on track order (which means enabling/disabling tracks or adding/removing tracks will break this), so i want to switch to a setup that is based on the selected track name instead.
Just wondering if this is possible in PLE.
Basically what i want is to select an instrument track, and based on the track name, a midi CC message will be sent, KM will receive it on a specified port and trigger the Stream Deck profile that displays the articulations for that instrument.


Why does the KM triggers the Stream Deck profile change? Cannot this be triggered by a MIDI Message?

To answer your question, this is doable by using MIDI Remote script. But first, I would try to simplify it.

If Stream Deck profile change could be triggered by a MIDI message I wouldn’t use KM, but that is not possible as far as i know.
The only way to automate the profile change is based on the app switch, but let me know if you know how to do that via MIDI message!
I’ll look into MIDI remote, I have never used it before, thanks!

I think it should be possible with a macro including a PLE and an LE
(project logic editor and logic editor midi)


I don’t think so. In the LE, you need any kind of condition. Something like “If the message is a Note”. Based on the condition, you can modify the message or Insert another message. But you cannot send a message out.