PLE setting up channels to be muted - not done yet!!!

So, in another thread, I was told that I could use the PLE for what I want to do, which is have the ability to mute entire sections. So, here is where I am going to ask for some help.

First off, I am aware that we can group MIDI tracks, and the press of a mute on any one of the individual tracks assigned to that group, will mute all the tracks in that group. I do not want to go that route, b/c that prevents me from making individual fader moves, soloing certain tracks, and selecting multiple events (but not all) can get a bit screwy.

So in essence, here is what I would like to do. Mute all percussion tracks, then unmute them. Then mute all string tracks, then unmute them. etc. That’s only an example; obviously it will change from proj. to proj. Ideally, I would like to do this with MIDI tracks, but if it has to be Instr. tracks, that’s fine as well.

As I said, I was told that I could do this in the PLE. The PLE is something I am only vaguely familiar with, hence the need for assistance. What I have so far is the following:

Media Type Is > Equal > MIDI
Property > Property Is Set > Event Is Muted
Name > Contains > Perc

That’s where I am at. But I don’t even know if that is correct. I searched the manual, and tho it does have some PLE info, it is rather vague, and I cant seem to apply anything there to what I want to do.

Thanks in advance, for any help. :slight_smile:

You just need:

Upper pane:
Media Type Is > Equal > MIDI
Name > Contains > Perc

Lower Pane
Track Operation > Mute > Toggle

Then save it as a preset.

Go into the Key Commands window, search for the afore named preset. Assign a KC to it and viola, toggle mutes for all midi (and instrument tracks) containing ‘perc’

rinse and repeat with other track names…

So how’s this working out for you?

Yep, that simple. To add, you could group the tracks in folders, name the folders and use that as the filter. :bulb:

Holy crap! It just… it just… I mean… it just works!!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Yeah - the folder track idea is not at all a bad one… will have to see which way I want to go.

Thanks dudes! :smiley:

Just saved you $1500 :wink: :laughing:

Cool! Now you are buying dinner! :sunglasses:

Just to be clear, I was the one that said the PLE was the way to go. So I saved the $1500. :mrgreen:

BTW, you should know by now that I’m the go-to guy for Cubase Q’s. :bulb:

Excellent, then it’s you who’s buying dinner. Phew! :laughing:

No, it’s the :yfc: that’s buying the comida. :wink:

So, if I do:

Media Type Is > Equal > MIDI

I can mute MIDI tracks. But what if I want to mute Instr Trks instead? There is no Instr Trk entry under parameters. What to do?

Yeah, they have not added an “Instrument” track type. I hope they do eventually.

Really the only way I know of would be to use naming conventions and the filter target Name for your tracks.

There could be ways of doing it using macros with PLE and track visibility, but as of now the command focus issues between the mix console and project window (and elsewhere :wink: ) prevent doing it.

Hmmmm - I may just resort to folder tracks. Seems the easiest way to go. Thanks!