PLE to delete Automation on Selected Track

I’m trying to use the PLE to delete Automation on a selected Track. Looking at the factory presets I have what’s shown in the attachment (it’s set to select and not delete until it’s debugged). This is based on the Preset to delete all automation beyond the cursor position.

As it is this selects all the Automation data in the entire Project and not just the Automation on the selected Track(s). If I remove the line for Container Type it behaves the exact same - so I’m not quite sure what’s the purpose of that line since the behavior seems the same with or without it. I also tried changing the Container Type to Track in which case it selected all the lanes in the Project which contained Automation.

Nothing I tried allows me to only target automation data on selected track(s). What obvious thing am I missing?

This is the best I could come up with. While I could get PLE to select specific automation on what I assume will be “all” tracks (I only tested it in a three track test project), I could not get PLE to do this on just selected tracks. I tried various track selections combinations (1-2, 1-3, 2-3, single tracks) to no avail. Cuebase always selected All Tracks, but at least with “name contains” you can narrow it down to a particular type of automation (volume, pan, whatever the “name contains” seems to work).

My guess is that this requires use of conditionals, but I can’t figure it out. Maybe someone else will work tell us how to select automation of a certain type on Selected Tracks only. I’ll look at this further and see if I can devise something better.

Perhaps this will be a bit useful to you. If you figure it out, please post about it. :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s the crux of it.

I’ve got a Project that I want to clear some but not all of the automation. And I found an easy workaround for accomplishing the task. If you lock the Lanes which have automation you want to keep then running a PLE which selects all the automation it will not select any automation on a locked Lane.

That said I’d still like to understand more about how PLE selection works. In general it would be good to be able to tell the PLE ‘only on the selected tracks do ABC’

There is an example preset like the one you posted that uses text to find the data. Except it’s written to work in both English and German.

Can you not just use the “Delete Automation on Selected Events” in the regular key commands (under ‘Automation’). That does what you are asking. Or do you need to work specifically in the PLE? I generally just add that command as part of a bigger macro if I need to combine PLE functions and regular shortcuts.

Rodger, Locked Lanes, yes, I was thinking about that but had not tried it yet. It’s still a pain to have to go back and lock all the lanes to do this. We should be able to Select, say, 10 tracks and then use some combination of PLE, macros, key commands to Transform all Automation on the just the Selected Tracks for 1) all Automation on those tracks, 2) Named (name contains) Automation on the tracks selected.

As it is now, I can’t get the “selected tracks only” part working. Conditionals? Maybe? Locking sounds like a less than ideal solution, unless the PLE can lock and unlock tracks? I’m not sure that function is present. (If volume automation present, lock volume automation lane?). This stuff makes my head spin, but then I figure something out, it becomes a macro and I don’t have to “go there” the next time (if I remember I have that macro). heh.

augusteighty, first, welcome to the forums. I’ll have to see about the function you mention. I don’t know it. It may be what we’re looking for. Please post any screen shot examples if you can. Thanks.

When I first started I figured there must be a command for this and thought I’d looked for it everywhere, but… :blush:

Yup, that does what I need. FYI it is selected ‘tracks’ not ‘events’

However now that the can of worms is open, it still would be quite useful to have the PLE only act on data in selected Tracks. In this case because what I want to do is delete the data and a command exist to do that the command is the way to go. But if I wanted, for example, to reduce all the automation by 10% on selected Tracks I’d need to use the PLE - and I’d want a mechanism in the PLE to restrict the action to to the selected tracks.