PLE / Visibility: Possible to select tracks with data under cycle marker 1?

I like using a cycle marker (I use cycle marker 1) to mark the horizontal area of the project window that I am currently working on, typically the duration of the composition. This keeps my locators free for other tasks (editing, exporting, etc.), while giving me a permanent reference to the horizontal area I am working on.

Now my question:

Is there a way to have the Project Logical Editor show only tracks with data under cycle marker 1?

That way I could have a visibility setting that ignores tracks with events before or after cycle marker 1.

So pretty much like the visibility agent ‘Show Channels for Tracks with Data between the Locators’, only for the cycle marker…

Can’t seem to find a way to set that up in the PLE…


I’m sorry, I can’t come to any way, how to do this.

Thank you, Martin.

You could devise as way to do this I’m pretty sure using macros but it would require you use a second cycle marker to return your locators to where they were before.

With cycle marker 1 already placed.

-Insert Cycle Marker 2 (to locators current position)
-Select Cycle Marker 1 (locators follow)
-Show Only Tracks with Data between Locators
-Select Cycle Marker 2 (locators follow)

Nice idea, lovegames!

Will try this out…

Let me know if it works, would be good to know.

I always thought they should have undo/redo history for the cursor