Plea to Steinberg: please virtualize the CC-121

Dear Steinberg,

thanks for so many years of great software that has really enabled me to turn most anything I imagine into musical reality.

I hereby would like to suggest an idea for another piece of great software: a virtual CC121 for the iPad.

I am of the persuasion that one day soon a true multi-touch environment will be a DAW reality, but for now a virtual CC121 would step the game up quite nicely. If it were available at the App store for $20 (or even $50) I would buy it in a heartbeat.

You have the technology there already, I imagine it would not be very labor-intensive to port it to the iPad.

I hope other forum members will +1 this to create enough momentum for this thread/idea.

Thank you.

screw the iPad, gimmie an android one.