Pleas add “save to” in dorico iPad

Greetings to all, in Dorico iPad it would be very good to be able to choose the destination folder where to save the documents, since I work too much at home with the desktop version as well as away from home with Dorico iPad and I have many files in the cloud, each I open a new document on the iPad, a copy is created automatically on the iPad, I wanted to get used to it, but I have different folders organized in the cloud because I want to organize the same documents in folders within Dorico on iPad, it is not very useful either since Dorico continues to duplicate the files even inside the iPad, every Dorico file that I open on the iPad is automatically saved in the “Dorico” folder. It’s a bit maddening since I like to have everything organized in folders and not all the files in a folder.

This is seemingly already planned: Airdropping multiple files from imac to Dorico for ipad - #4 by dspreadbury

Nice!! I hope add more features for engraving mode too

It would indeed be nice if Dorico-for-iPad could open, edit and save files in the cloud or on your own NAS to the original location.
I just wouldn’t use this myself as long as there is an autosave functionality in Dorico-for-iPad. The risk of accidentally overwriting files is far too big for me.
If there is an option to turn off autosave, this would be perfect.

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