Pleasantly surprised by backwards compatibility

Due to some issues Between BFD and 8.0.5, I opened an 8.0.5 project in 7.5 to do some edits. This went smooth and of course when I saved it after editing it became a 7.5 project. The project happened to contain both a VCA track and several disabled Instrument Tracks. When I opened it in 7.5 all of the disabled tracks were enabled and the VCA was shown as an empty track of no known type in the Project window and didn’t exist in the mixer - all expected since these features don’t exist in 7.5. I thought after I’d saved it as a 7.5 project I’d need to manually restore the VCA and disable the tracks again back in 8.0.5 - figuring they would be lost during the 7.5 detour.

But when I opened it again I was pleased to find that it had retained the state of the disabled tracks and the VCA was set up correctly. Kudo’s to Steinberg for getting the backwards compatibility right. :smiley: