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Multiple clips time stretch operation more flexible please.

I have a audio clip out the time in the Nuendo and i must to put in the Nuendo time grid - Of course the audio clip must to be near the tempo grid.
So i split each Bar 1 of the audio clip not based on Nuendo tempo Grid, but based on audio clip tempo, do you understend?
So, i put each splited clip in bar 1 of each measure of the Nuendo Time Base.
So i have different clip parts size in the grid because the audio clip in question is out the Nuendo time base . Now i need to apply time stretch in each audio clip to size: 1 Complete Measure. I don’t want make this clip by clip, but all. If i apply time stretch for all audio clips, i will to get strange results because the Time Stretch operation have used the first clip size at base. If there are another way to apply TStretch to many clips, please tell-me.
And sorry for my poor english.

Thank you.

Levi Miranda :wink: