Please activate the clip voice playing out of nowhere

When opening any project a robotic voice says “Please activate the clip”. Sounds like text to speech. It plays around every 30 sec. There is no other info given. I have no idea what clip I am supposed to activate. The sound comes from several of group channels, but not all of them. The sound plays also when hitting play and fades out all other tracks. Basically Cubase is now unusable.
The problem started when after I updated the eLicenser control center. I opened Cubase and got the message that the licencer is out of date so I updated it. Everything seems to be fine and the licencer shows that everything is in order. Does this problem have something to do with the licencer?

I did some digging around the forms and tried google but I found no mentions of anything similar. All help is appreciated!

Also some specs here:
Cubase version is 10.0.40 artist version with education licence
eLicencer is version updated form 6.11.something

Hi and welcome,

Are you on Mac or Windows, please?