Please, add a Dry/Wet knob in each mixer plugin/insert

Please, for the next versions add a Dry/Wet or 0-100% knob in each mixer plugin, this would allow to use plugins that don’t have the parallel option as parallel and in my case it would help a lot with the mixes.

Let me give you an example: Universal Audio, Slate Digital, Waves… the analog plugins are brutal, but sometimes when I have finished adjusting everything and I do a bypass I feel that maybe it is too much, maybe just giving a 50% or 60% of the plugin would be enough.

Well, in FL Studio I just have to go to the Dry/Wet Knob and adjust it (2 seconds), in Cubase I have to spend hours adjusting the plugin to make it sound the way I want.

It’s true that many modern plugins already include this option, but not all of them, apart from the fact that sometimes you want to use an old compressor and give it some parallel sound, it would take 2 seconds if you have this knob, the way Cubase works now: you have to open another channel/bus, send the signal, insert the plugin there, mix everything if you have a mixer group, etc…

This would be very worthwhile for me to update, it’s been a week since I’ve updated to Cubase 10.5 from Cubase 10 and I haven’t done it before because lately the changes didn’t seem important enough for me to spend money.

I think it shouldn’t be hard to do and there are many people who would save thousands of hours (if not days) just by making this change.

Thanks for your time, here is a loyal Cubase user