Please add ARA-Support (for Melodyne/Vocalign)

Hi there,

I understand for people satisfied with the current Variaudio this might not be the most important feature, but for users of Melodyne or Vocalign this would be a major workflow enhancement. I have been working with Cubase for years and would like to continue to do so, but ARA integration is such an amazing improvement for me that I have started to learn Studio One Pro.

If you are interested in what working with ARA and the aforementioned software can look like just check out these videos:



yes that would be awesome +1



Really cool idea +1

Precisely because of this (ARA Support), I’m going to work with Studio One 3 … this is Amazing what they did with ARA … I am faster 100% then the same work in Cubase

Another thread asking for the same feature. It has a little more support so you may want to post there: