Please add batch export to Artist!

Just purchased upgrade from Cubase 5.5 Studio to Artist 9 to find out later that batch export in not included!!
Come on Steinberg, this should be a standard feature with Artist.
Could the next upgrade bring happiness with the batch export tick box please. :smiling_imp:

Elements and Artist users need this feature the most! Would a pro user need to export consolidated files to send to a professional mixing engineer?

Totally agree… I don’t know why this feature is on Pro only, like seriously. How do you expect the song writers and composers to send their consolidated files to a professional engineer? I bought Cubase 9 element, and it came as a shock that I can’t export my consolidated files… I use to do this with fruit loops, can you imagine! I’m on Artist now, still I can’t batch export my files…

Until it is included (maybe never) there is a suggested workaround in this thread.

And here too…

Regards. :sunglasses: