Please add clip panning

Hi guys,

clip gain was a game changer but adding a clip panning function would be amazing.
I work with reverbs on inserts a lot and can’t just pan the whole track around.

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you could do this using a a plugin in DOP.

Its a pain with a plugin and its destructive. Clip gain is non destructive and a clip pan that acts the same way would be awesome

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They should just add clip based automation, and we could use it for a ton of things, including pans! :slight_smile:

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point taken.

This would only work on stereo channels correct?

Interesting when you think of that question, because If it was to be based on the clip gain function then it’s applied to the audio file, regardless of track settings.

So effectively only applicable to stereo files. Also, it couldn’t be a directional pan as that requires further processing, it would effectively be a different volume envelope applied to the left and right channel of the underlying audio file, based on how you arranged the envelope.

What you suggest wouldnt really work well when you also have a panner on the mixer channel.
A couple things yoy can do.

  1. As already suggested, use DOP, it is not destructive.
  2. Use automation
  3. Duplicate track and and pan them as you like and then move the events to second track that should have the other panning.

Yeah, these are good points and I think I agree. I was open to the idea - but there would potentially be signal flow conflicts and I’m generally not a fan of these sort of scattered “hidden” parameters through out a project.

What should maybe be pushed, and would maybe give you some resolve in your context, is improving automation accessibility so that automation is visible/adjustable on the main track/event itself, instead of having to open up lanes. And to also maybe think up ways of manipulating automation based off selected events - for example: selecting an event, and being able to quickly trim pan or volume automation based off that event selection.

+1 for this feature in Nuendo as well.

  1. DOP on a mono clip won’t affect the pan;
  2. Using automation is what I usually do, but having a pan-trim on the clip fast as a the clip gain would be a real game changer;
  3. Any workaround is useful here but nothing would be faster than a clip-pan.

My 2 cents.