Please add "date" to File Name Scheme in "Export Audio Mixdown"

Title says it all. It would be great to have the date added as an option for naming mix bounces.





Cool! +1

+1 Good idea.

Regards :sunglasses:


+1 and timecode too


+1 I date EVERY mix. This would save time

Unfortunately not part of Cubase 10.5 :frowning:



yes please!! I hoped we’d have it on 12, but still nothing :frowning:

Hey, I would really appreciate if you could add “date” (with the option to set a date format like yyyy_mm_dd or something similar) to the Naming scheme options in Cubase:
That will enable me to do stuff like “”.

This way all my versions of the project renders are starting with the project name and sorted by date + has a name of my choice.

I guess many other users will be able to benefit from using a name in the naming scheme and that it’s probably not super hard to implement.

Hi, in the export options, I propose to add a “Date and time” field in the file name scheme.

+1 would be useful to have this option as I sometimes use it

The date would need to be configurable though … e.g. Be able to use a YYYYMMDD format so that it sorts in the correct order

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+1 here!

+1 for sure, with option of yyyy-mm-dd format please


Preferably with the option to specific a custom format.

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