Please add function to end PT dominance for film music

While Avid is shooting itself in the foot with their latest crazy pricing and no perpetual licenses, it is the moment - if possible - to end the only real reason for many composers (and other professionals) to still have PT around.
Top notch composers are still using PT to create final deliverables. Using Cubase or other DAWs for the actual writing and production, but then dumping all to a PT session as for compatibility reasons that is what is required. AAFs OMFs and translator programs won’t cut it as they require an extra passage, don’t contain all the project info, and mostly are not accepted as deliverable.

Also mix engineers loving to mix in Cubase/Nuendo have to keep compatibility with PT as some projects still arrive as PT sessions.

My request would be: Please add “Import/Export PT session” to the file menu.

I don’t know if it is possible on from a legal point of view, I have no clue whatsoever (maybe just call it something else instead of “PT session” could do the trick?).
I also don’t know if, apart from file position info which is clearly possible (OMF), it would be possible to import/export also mixer info; levels, sends, inserts, automation… (I know it would be hard because of so many reasons but maybe possible??).
Anyhow, even just file positions with all faders at zero and no plugin could be handy for stem and mix delivery to post.
Not very useful for the mixing engineer scenario as artist/producers love to send their sessions with their plugins active instead of exporting single channel files as you want to have a malleable starting point and some plugins, even if put by inexperienced producers or “beatmakers” have often a precise and very conscious artistic role and can’t be dismissed.

If legally and technically impossible, please forgive my coding and law ignorance and disregard this. :slight_smile:
But - if possible - it would mean a whole lot for a lot of Cubase users and will also eliminate the last real world excuse PT users still have to cling to it (apart from fully understandable personal preference): “industry standard compatibility”.