Please add individual track faders to Mixer, key commands and midi remote

Please add individual track faders to Mixer (one for each track created), customizable key commands and Midi remote.
They are essential for live performance.


You do have individual Track channels in the Mixer; just expand the Song Group (“e” button of the Group channel with the Song name).
Customizable key commands are in the making, along with complete MIDI remote; until then, check out “Devices/Actions” where you can already control most important tasks via MIDI, it also has a “Learn” function.

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Yes, I´ve checked Actions but it´s too limited.
I know that can expand group channel but this does not work in the lower zone mixer, which by the way should be resizable.


If you need to see track channels in the mixer (and lower zone mixer) right away, you can assign their output to the main stereo bus or some other Group channel. You can assign the output both in track channels, and mixer (after expanding Song Group).

I did have all tracks assigned to main stereo bus but didn´t see track channels. What it does the trick is to create a group for each track, assign and rename the corresponding group…more complicated than it should be but it works, thanks!
By the way, I discovered (the hard way) that you are not prompted to save changes when closing VL.

You are beeing warned if you edit the project (add/remove Parts, Layers, Songs…), or Song project (add/remove tracks/events etc).
What is it that you did that has not been taken into account?
Note however that we don’t have Mixer Undo.

I created those groups,named and assigned them to tracks, nothing was saved.
Not serious, I´m just testing but should be warned.

thanks, will check if at least channel creation/deletion should be considered to set project ‘dirty’.

editing a layer doesn´t prompt for saving either.