Please add Key Command for 'Edit VariAudio' Process

Hello, currently I can not find any key command for the process ‘Edit VariAudio’ while I am working on VariAudio.

Each and every time I double click on an audio file to work with VariAudio, I have to manually click the Edit VariAudio button.

Likewise, each and every time I select any other key, for example the range tool or the listen tool, I have to manually click the Edit VariAudio button going all the way to the left pane.

Can we please have a Key Command?

You can find it in the Key Commands under :

Tool - VariAudio Tool

the downside is it only works if the audio has already been analized…


If I am not mistaken, ‘Edit VariAudio’ function does the ‘analyzing’ at least the first time. So, by the original request, I was also looking for the Analyse function. I apologize if I was not being articulate enough.

That’s another KC you’ll find under Sample Editor - Reanalyse Audio :wink:

The downside is that there is no “Analyse Audio” KC so if you hit that Reanalyze Audio KC, you lose all the variAudio editing you have done on that file…


Nice. But I still have to manually click the ‘Edit VariAudio’ button each time. Analyze or Reanalyze, a Key Command for ‘Edit VariAudio’ would remove the necessity to click the button manually every time. :ugeek:

+1 for the “Analyze” function :slight_smile:


And please offer the option to analyze more than one event at a time!