Please add Korean language to Cubase

Hello, i’m south korean User. (Cubase 8.6 pro edu ver.)

First, To ask for an excuse…i’m not too good at English.

Writing in the translator, Please understand my strange sentence :blush:

The topic I want to tell you, Give by adding the Korean translation to the homepage steinberg

Also, peanut patch, I’d like to apply Korean language in software cubase. :cry:

Yours Busy schedule, i know…However, please think again the subject as I say

i hope more freedom at music Life. in Cubase, in Steinberg’s homepage…

I think what he means is “please add Korean language to the Steinberg home page and to Cubase”

Off topic troll posts deleted.

HI Steve… my post of ‘kernel’ was not intended as a troll post… ‘peanut patch’ COULD be a bad translation of ‘kernel patch’… as the op stated he was using translation software… as kernel is the centre of a nut and ,although a peanut is technically a legume, it’s not a huge stretch of the imagination to see how it could be mistranslated.

exactly. and auto translation software takes any chance of screwing things up?

Points taken… apologies. of course, all your cuBase are belong to us, in any case!