PLEASE ADD: Other Insert Racks need Copy/Paste in 'Presets' Menu

I am using Cubase 12 at the moment, but I doubt this has been added in 13, and it needs to be…

The Inserts and Sends racks in the mixer window have the option when right-clicking the heading to copy and paste the rack plugins to another track.

But the Inserts (and Sends) racks in the Inspector and the Channel Settings do not have a provision for copy/paste that I can find. There is only the little menu about saving and loading track presets.

So as it is, it is not possible to paste inserts onto the audio inserts (or sends) rack of a MIDI track that points to an audio track, like when using VE Pro, for example. Neither the Inspector nor the Channel Settings dialog allow for it, and only offer the track preset saving/loading menu.

PLEASE add the copy and paste tools to that menu.

I would add images, but this forum doesn’t have that option either.



Hold down the Alt modifier and drag and drop the Insert from slot A to slot B. The Insert effect is going to be copied. If you want to copy the whole Inserts chain, drag and drop (with the Alt modifier) the whole Insert section (click on the Inserts).

You can’t do the individual copy of the Sends (if you click on the Send slot, you start to set the Send Level). But you can copy the whole Send slot, the same as you can do with the Inserts.

Hi lahatte, actually, the context-menus as well as any Drag&Drop functionality is now consistent and interoperable between the mixer, mixer-lower zone, track inspector and channel inspector in C13. These changes have not yet been carried over to the Channel Settings Window.

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Thanks Jendrik. I suppose that’s moving in the right direction on this. :slight_smile: