Please add "Search" field to Batch Plug-in Chain

I have 450+ plugins, trying to find a specific plugin in the batch processor without a search field is a nightmare!!

Specifically the “Resampler” is so hidden, it’s very difficult to find. I spend an hour now searching for the resampler and still haven’t found it.

Plugin-Manager: It would be nice to have the option to organize plugins according to custom folders (like in Cubase / Nuendo), that we can name and sort as we need them. It’s really hard to follow someone elses organizer logic.

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+1 for plugin search please

In the meantime possible to search like this:

File > Preferences > Plugins > tab Organize
and search on plugin name “Resampler”
to see where it’s hiding :wink:

regards S-EH

I agree this search feature must come someday.
Side note: since WaveLab 11, you can save/load batch processor plugin chains.

Specifically the “Resampler” is so hidden

Plugins that are common to the Master Section (90%) are located at the same place in the hierarchy. Hence you can use the Master Section search’s facility to get an hint.
The Resampler can be found for sure :slight_smile:

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Thanks you for the reply and tips! I do have about 10 plugin chains saved that I recall with key commands using the Stream Deck (great combo). The batch processor is a real time saver. I would use it for new (complex) ideas a lot more though, if I had a plugin search field. I find myself giving up on new projects because of the time contraints. I will be patient, wait and very happy when a search field comes to the batch processor within Wavelab. Maybe also folders in Favorites or the like. Cheers!

Thank you for your response. I am aware of the current “plugin manager” in preferences. That is where I added the “resampler” to my “Favorites” folder. Only problem, I have so many plugin in that folder already, it doesn’t make my search that much easier. If we had the option of creating folders within “Favorites”, then I could create a folder “Batch” and put all plugins in there, that I always reuse or need often in the batch processor (like resampler, dither, peak limited stuff aso).

You could consider adding a custom category for your batch processor plugin. It can then appear as a separate folder. Check the manual.

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Completly missed that, thank you for pointing this out to me. I already set up all my custom categories and now I can find things a lot faster!

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