Please add support of Bravura and SMuFL in Cubase Score Editor.

---- PREVIOUS TITLE: Is Cubase able to use Bravura in its default score editor now? ----

I am asking this question here because I assume that Daniel (or his colleagues) response(s) faster than official responses receivable in the Cubase subforum.

If Cubase is unable to use SMuFL fonts (or not using Bravura as its default font), please: after this thread gets replied by Daniel (or his colleagues), move this thread to the latest Cubase Pro sub-forum and let Cubase devs know this feature request.

I’m assuming the answer is no, Shiki. I’ve loaded up 10.5 Pro and the only available Score Fonts are Legacy, Classical and Jazz. I can’t see any way - either in the program or the manual - of adding to that list.

Cubase doesn’t currently support Bravura or indeed any SMuFL-compliant font.

Thanks. Could you please help me move this thread to this subforum?

I see one has already been started in the dedicated Cubase Score Editor forum:-

I’d be very surprised if there wasn’t already a plan for what components of Dorico could be merged into Cubase.