Please add Tempo and Meter changes - Tempo Track

Hi, please add a Tempo Track where we can insert dynamic tempo and meter changes! It would really make Cubasis 3 a more powerful iOS DAW!


Hi @A_Pej,

Thank you for your feature suggestion.

While Tempo / Signature track support remains on our list for quite some time, the feature is unlikely to be added short- or mid-term due to the technical costs unfortunately.

Nevertheless, we hope to add it at some point in the future. Alongside, we are working on the next Cubasis updated which will include great new user-requested features.


hi @LSlowak , to be honest, I don’t understand that the tempo track is still that far off in the priority list. The tempo, or rather more or less pronounced or subtle changes in tempo, are one of the most important ways of expressing almost any music. At least that was the case for many centuries until the introduction of computer music. Without a tempo and time signature track, Cubasis is not a serious DAW like Cubase, in my opinion, but rather a musical tool for certain types of electronic music.
If the addition of this feature can only be implemented with great effort, then it might be due to the original conception of Cubasis 3.
Even for very early versions of Cubase and other DAWs, the tempo was a matter of course.

Thank you!

I also do not understand why they don’t address this.

It’s missing badly…

I like the popup prompt here that asks ‘do you want to continue this old conversation?’. Yes, I definitely do want to do that :slight_smile:

I’d love a tempo track too.

I recently resorted to creating a Mozaic script to generate a click track using various time signatures and speeds that i can play along to, and i kind of like feeling connected to the musical pioneers of yesteryear with my low tech solution, but in this day and age a tempo track should be possible, right?


Agree. This is my first message on this forum, and this is my #1 ask of Cubasis. I bought Cubasis 3 when it was first released and I’ve been waiting patiently for better time signature support, and in particular, support for tempo changes (tempo track support). All of my (audio) recordings are layered on top of MIDI tracks, and I have to go “off the grid” to do very basic things like ritard (slow down the tempo) at the end of a song. That means I have to record all my MIDI tracks free form without any tempo support, and as a result I lose the ability to quantize or make any timing adjustments, other than moving MIDI notes around free form (which is problematic at best, since it’s very difficult to align timing across tracks).

This is such basic functionality for music recording, I can’t believe we’re still waiting for this - very disappointed. I love Cubasis 3 - it’s touch interface is so elegant - but I may be forced to abandon it for another iOS DAW, or abandon iOS, for serious music production. Such a shame.

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I need this feature every day. I am forced to change tempo to higher and then readjust MIDI notes to higher tempo ( make them longer). This is lot of unnecessary work.

Even KORG DS-10 - cartridge for Nintendo DS can do tempo change.

If meter changes are more difficult to implement then release version with tempo changes only. It will cover all my use cases.


I came here writing my very first comment on the forum to support and also ask the implementation of tempo&time signature change in the same song.

It’s basic DAW feature, I mean if no tempo/time sig change there is a large lot of musical styles and creativity you left out of your app.
Having accurate tempo through a reliable metronome is KEY for any serious musical act nowadays.

The overall experience is very good, it is a intuitive and powerful portable DAW until now but the lack of tempo/time sig change is very disappointing, maybe if I knew it before I would search for other option.
Hope you can consider it very soon and became the PRO alternative for mobile music record and perform.


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Frankly, it is ridiculous that Cubasis does not have tempo and time signature track. Omission of such an essential compositional tool actually demotes the app to nothing more than a novel musical sketchpad.

Lays waste to massive potential, this really does.

All the best,

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I’ve done a thing!

Using AUM and Mozaic (auv3) it is possible to record an automated tempo track into Cubasis by making use of Ableton Link.

See here for details:

And now it’s proven to be ‘easy’ surely something like this technique, either using CC or PitchBend (think of it just as a 14bit value and it doesn’t seem so bad) automation and assigning to tempo wouldn’t take long to productize?