Please add this simple fix to in and out arrangement.

In the audio connections, you can save a in and out preset. This is great for a when the computer crashes or the audio interface loses connection and they are all reset and lost. What isnt good is there is no way to save the external effects and Instruments preset. Lately my antelope audio interfaces loses connection and every time I have to go back and reroute 30 pieces of outboard gear. Simply add a preset to it so the arrangement of the in and outs for the external effects and instruments can be recalled. This has happened before the antelope on several occasions and would be SO CONVENIENT.

Thank you.

Yes, this is a big pain. I have the same type of issue because I use the pre-amps as external effects while mixing and for recording, I use the same pre-amps for recording. I want Cubase to save the external effects along with the project and to recall them in one preset than to add them back each time and remember to remove them before loading a recording project.

The external effects in the Audio Connections needs a preset field like Input and Outputs.

The only way around it is to have an external patch bay but then you would still need to change patch bay so the output of the preamp gets routed to a different input for mixing than with recording.

Please, just add a preset for External effects and allow it to be saved with the project. Let it work exactly like Input and Output does.