Please add tooltips to all buttons!

I’m trying Dorico for the first time, and while they are some stuff that I like, it has some annoying not-first-time-user-friendly quirks.
One of the most frustrating things is that for some reason a lot of buttons are missing tooltips. Yeah - some have them, but some just don’t. With those that don’t I’m left to just click and see what they will do, often they don’t do anything or it’s unclear to me what they did.
Also some tooltips appears but without their corresponding key command (For example the dotted note button)

Please fix this. I believe it should be prioritize because it’s crucial for new users


Unfortunately there are some technical reasons why it’s not easy for us to show tool tips for all of the buttons in Dorico’s user interface at the present time. We are in the middle of a long-term transition from one user interface framework to another, and while we are in the awkward middle phase, there are some limitations concerning where tool tips can appear. We know it’s far from ideal.


Hey Daniel,
Kudos for the quick reply! (Cubase team should learn from you :unamused:)
That sounds unfortunate, I hope that you’ll be able to resolve this issue soon.