Please advise re/installing Cubase 6.5 64 bit after 32 bit

Hi, I want to install C6.5 64 bit. Been using C6 then C6.5 32 bit for some time, now I want to make the move to 64 bit. Should I start from my C5 installation disc, or instal C6 free trial and hope that my dongle will see it and authorize it? When I try to instal C6 trial version, should I point it to the programs folder? Right now it wants to install in the folder where it sits on my desktop. I’d appreciate some advice so I don’t do something very regrettable. I tried searching for help installing Cubase 64 bit after 32 bit, but I’m not having much luck. Thanks.

Just start the 6.0x or 6.5 installer, and it should ask you to for either 64 or 32 bits. Don’t point it to anything, it won’t work. Your dongle doesn’t need to be authorized; if there’s a valid 6.5 license on it, that is enough to run either 32 or 64 bit.

Got it installed. Thanks Arjan P!