Please allow us to use the mouse wheel and keyboard modifiers while the left mouse button is down

In the project window, and the Key Editor (lower zone), it’s a fairly common occurence to pick up a part/event with the selection tool, with the intention to move it, or paste it elsewhere.

I think that if we had the ability to use our regular navigation and zoom means (Shift+Mouse Wheel Up/Down, Ctrl+Mouse Wheel Up/Down) while holding the selection with our already clicked left mouse button, it would be very very satisfying.

Currently, when we find ourselves in such a situation, we have to either let go of the selected object, readjust scroll and/or zoom and have another go, or use the slow edge-of-the screen scroll for the project window, or the extremely fast edge-of-the-screen scroll for the Key Editor, until the part/event reaches its destination in the first case, or overshoots its destination in the second.


As far as I understand, this is feature request. Could you please add the feature request tag?