Please allow us to use the usb e-licensor as well

I am a composer active in Korea. I am already using several of your company’s products. Nevertheless, there is no way to contact you directly in Korea, so I am posting this here on the forum. I purchased absolute6 this time, but it is very inconvenient in the environment I use. I own and use several computers, ranging from Intel Macs to my current Silicon m1 Mac. Previously, it was USB-type, so it was easy to connect to the computer I wanted to use, but now it has been changed to the e-licenser method, which is very inconvenient. What I want is to be able to use the USB authentication method in parallel. What I hope is that the existing USB method can also be selected depending on the individual. Please~!!!

Since Steinberg changed to the e-Licensor method, it is very inconvenient in my environment. It would have been nice if the existing USB dongle method could also be used in parallel…! Personally, as the number of Intel Macs increases from silicon Macs, we need to be able to use them in many places, but now only three can be used, so we have to disable them, which is more inconvenient than I thought. In my opinion, the physical USB method is much more convenient to use because there are various versions of virtual instruments and plug-ins. Anyway, it seems that innovation is not necessarily a good thing!

realistically, this won’t happen. If you can, read this: See Information on Steinberg Licensing

Also, what you probably have not learned is that you can de-activate all licenses any time from any computer you have the Activation Manager installed on, which makes it easy to move among machines.

Also you can use three machines simultaneously with one license.

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The eLicenser protection was buried in the code for Cubase/Halion/Groove Agent/etc and has been removed, that is definitely not coming back.

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