Please! Automation nodes *always*!

(I know there are other topics relating to this issue, but this is a specific issue… so please don’t lock it :wink: )…

I don’t often complain about things in Cubase, but (please don’t hesitate to disagree with me on this one :wink: )…
After much communal complaining about the disappearing Automation nodes in Cubase 6 (and especially since Cubase 6.0.3, when a bug fix prevented the “accidental workaround” to get the nodes visible again), Cubase 6.0.5 at least gave us the possibility of seeing the Automation nodes, so long as at least one of them is selected.

The request, from numerous Cubase users, was, simply, that Automation Nodes be (optionally) visible always (e.g. via a Preference, ideally with its own key command).

I have been working with Cubase 6.0.5 since its availability, and, while the Automation Nodes situation is certainly an improvement… there are still situations where I need to see automation nodes without having to search for an invisible one, in order to select it…
O.K. if there is a visible automation curve, then one can easily guess that there is at least one hidden node somewhere along that curve, but what about the following case?..
Several tracks, none of which yet have any automation, and I need to insert an initial automation point (not necessarily at the beginning of the track) on some of the tracks. So, obviously, that doesn’t actually draw a curve yet. Maybe I haven’t finished adding those automation nodes, and I quit Cubase for the day, and only return to that Project a few days later, to resume where I left off…
I am supposed to “remember” which on tracks I had already set Automation nodes (as opposed to simply seeing them)… and because there are no visible curves, selecting a hidden node is pure guesswork! (or at least, have to hover over each track in turn, until I find one with hidden automation on it)

Yes, I do have a workaround…
I have created a Project Logical Editor preset (with a key command), which simply Selects all automation nodes (thus making them visible)… so, keeping an eye on one of the nodes, I can then de-select the nodes again, (making them invisible again :wink: ) then click on the point I had observed (selecting just that node), in order to make the others visible (but not selected).

All I wanted to do, was use that same key command, to simply make the nodes visible (without having to select then de-select).

Am I alone in requesting that Steinberg simply fulfil our initial request, “Automation Nodes visible always”, without this convoluted method they have introduced in Cubase 6.0.5?

Thanks for reading :wink:

You are not alone :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s very frustrating the way it is and would love the black blobs of doom to be always visible (again)

+1 without hesitation. This drives me nuts. This is just like the initial solution for transparent events that didn’t address the problem at all. In this case it solves the problem in a few scenarios, but not in the context of larger projects that have a lot of automation.

Automation points need to be visible ALWAYS. period. This is one of those implementation decisions that I simply don’t understand. It seems like this is a performance issue being addressed for low spec laptop users or something. Which begs the question of why it can’t be an option?

I agree completely. The recent fix makes it much better than it use to be. Why, Steinberg, did you opt to hide the nodes in the first place? I see no useful purpose.

Am I alone in requesting that Steinberg simply fulfil our initial request, “Automation Nodes visible always”, without this convoluted method they have introduced in Cubase 6.0.5?

No…you are not.

+1 for always visible.



+1 for always visible

Having to select an invisible point in order to make it visible is more like some Zen riddle, than useful software feature.
Maybe they should appear only when we close our eyes?

+1 I absolutely agree. Automation nodes should be visible always.

Here’s another reason why.

When moving around blocks of audio or parts, any automation is carried with it. Even if there isn’t any changes within the moved parts, you will still get nodes created at the start and ends of the moved audio. But strangely, you also get nodes left at the start and end points of where that audio part once was.

The upshot of this, is that during the arranging of a track, you can get lots of spurious nodes left around all over the place.

It can drive you nuts seeing faders and knobs jumping around all over the place on tracks where there is nothing playing. At least when nodes are always visible you can see at a quick glance what is going on. Now you have divert your attention and stick the mouse pointer over the offending track in order to see the problem.

+1000 for an option to always show Automation nodes.


… one more situation (hasn’t happened to me… yet :wink:, but I can see this easily happening)…
So… I select an automation node, in order to make them all visible, then proceed with whatever operation. I am sure that, sooner or later, I will accidentally move/copy/delete that automation node while moving/copying/deleting some other event ('cos I forgot that one of the automation nodes is not only visible, but selected ).
It’s just “an accident waiting to happen” :wink:.

+1 on always shown (could be optional).


Not the fix I was looking for. It doesn’t address the issue. The issue is and always has been always.

Vic just made a request, if it doesn’t happen now it never will. Here’s me hoping with the rest of you all :slight_smile:

I agree … why wouldn’t I want to see the nodes?


Some users - and apparently SB - think the screen looks prettier without the nodes.

Those who can’t work properly without having the nodes permanently visible (unless there’s a node selected) must bow to the will of those who don’t need the nodes and who think they make the screen untidy - some of them say hiding the nodes makes Cubase look more “professional”.

Same with screws. They should come without screw-driver slots across the heads - far more professional looking.

If there was an option to make the nodes visible at all times, some of the people who prefer Cubase without the nodes might be incapable of adjusting the relevant setting, and thus see their automation nodes all the time, making Cubase look less professional to them.

It’s a well-known fact that professionals like the tools of their trade to prioritise elegant looks over usability. You’ll often hear surgeons say, “So what if this scalpel won’t cut through human skin? The blunt appearance makes it look really professional.” That’s why all scalpel manufacturers make their scalpels blunt.

And that’s why Steinberg should ignore the users who desperately need an option to have automation nodes visible at all times. Those users don’t matter. The ones that matter are the ones who know that designing professional software is about looks, not usability.

Let’s see, we have a quote tag, a Code tag, a list tag, an image tag, a url tag … where the hell is that sarcasm tag.

+1. Please please please. This is extremely annoying. I am a strong believer in making things look nice, but this is an example where smooth blobless lines–despite looking quite nice–are a hinderance to manual editing of automation points. Make it a preference; either “I don’t care and would rather have it look pretty most of the time”, or “I’m willing to have the ugly dots everywhere because I use those dots constantly”.