Please bring back channel type colors

As we learned here :

The Mixer channels are all gray now.
No more channel type colors. ( like purple for FX returns, green for VST instrument audio channels, etc. )

Please bring this back … at least as an option !

bye, Jan
P.S. feel free to close / delete the other thread, as my question about the general coloring has been answered.

I rely a lot on the visual cues from track backgrounds coloured by type, as well as the assignable track title colours, to navigate quickly around the mixer. Especially when the track count gets high.

assuming that this behaviour is confirmed, +1 for having it sorted ASAP.

I agree 100%. This is a nightmare. I can already imagine myself scrolling through 90 grey tracks, looking for a audio track or a FX channel.

The colors used to make this easier than it is now.

Please Steinberg, I don’t deserve this PITA behaviour. Please.

Ok, I’ll re-iterate what I think the “best for me” solution would be …

Kill FX and Group tracks as types. They have always been an unnecessary stopgap IMO.

  1. Add the ability to color fader backgrounds much like you can the track color strip at the bottom.
  2. Save the color as part of a track/channel preset (save other things like sends … pan law/type etc… too of course)
  3. Show Track/Channel presets in the Add Audio Track drop down.

This way you can add a track with as many fader back ground colors as you would like.

Looking at some other screenshots, I can see where they are comming from.
The tracks now show their individual colors in the track type field,
which simplifies the track / channel coloring.
The only way to distinguish between different types is now the symbol, in that area, though.
While I understand this approach and see the benefit, I’m sure this will be much harder to navigate !

So, please find a different solution !
( will offer one if I have some more time … )

bye, Jan



Got to say, it makes finding what you want quick and painless with the track type colours… Like your (forward) thinking too JMCecil… :slight_smile:

Having nothing there at all = not good…!


I think we could actually take this a little further… we need to be able to customize the mixer more, as per MOTU DP7, ProTools, et al… At least the colour schemes, if not modularizing the components of each strip.

I agree with this too. Either way (back to C5 or further to PT9), but please SB do something, the mixer is too confusing in C6.
I work with 80 to 100 tracks on each project. No way I’m going to sit in front of 90 grey tracks everyday for several hours. This is workflow killer.

Seriously they have no colors on the mixer anymore?

semi-supported information. We still need to see what the combination of all the new coloring features will allow. But, it seems that the only difference is a track icon. But again, until we SEE it … The manual is pretty sketchy on the issue.

You can colorcode the tiny space at the bottom of the channel strip --> individual track colors are still there in C6.

But the color around the fader you used to have to identify whether it is an audio, FX, group, instrument, MIDI track seems to be gone (to be confirmed).

You have now to rely on the track name or the little color at the bottom to identify the track type. Which makes things harder.

Woah!!! I didn’t notice that. Steiny, what the heck are you guys thinking? I depend on those colors to help find my channels when I have high-track counts. COLORED CHANNELS PLEASE! The excellent fully-colored mixer channels are the few things that temps me to switch to Pro Tools. Do the programmers at SB actually ever use Cubase in real life? I hope Steiny does the intelligent thing on this.

+1. Reaper does this as well. But sadly not Cubase :frowning:


We will have a look to this on Monday.



Good thing I sat down already when I read that, or else I’d fall over! :laughing:
thanx, though! :sunglasses:

PS if you’re lucky it’s only a setting in Defaults.xml :wink:

Well, ‘the oracle’ is knowingly a Steinberg insider / tester / employee / or CEO :wink:
So I’ll take it as fact.

bye, Jan

Thank you so much Chris, this is a great news.

+1 Yes :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

Thanks, Chris !
Good to hear.

As I said, I see the will to streamline the color management, with only one adjustable color for individual tracks / channels / parts.
But the second fixed color for channel types was a real help, navigating through dozens of channels.
E.g.: my color for drums is light blue. In my drum folder I have audio, midi and group tracks often with opened automation lanes or even subfolders. All parts are light blue.
But the tracks have their own ( 2nd ) color per type. So I can easily identify the group channels, for example.
This would be much harder if all tracks where light blue, only differing in the symbols.

bye, Jan