Please Bring Back "Save Selected Channels" Soon

I was quite shocked yesterday, in the middle of a session (with a client present) to learn that the “Save selected channels” function in Cubase has gone. I have read the post that states that Steinberg is aware of it but I am just emphasizing how important this feature is for many of us.

I must say that this is the first release of Cubase in some time that seems like it has taken a step backward a bit. After a month of use, I have to say that the new Mix Console is (so far) not working as well for me as the old system. I do realize that this is a moving target. Part of it is my need to get used to it and part of it is that Steinberg is still working out the bugs. (for instance, when you turn off the rack portion of the Mix Console, the remaining mixer moves half off the screen.)

But overall, I’m not sure that having everything on the same screen is a good thing. But, as they say, The night is young.

The function is there. From memory I think it’s in a drop down menu that is in the right top corner of the mixer page, I’m not at the studio so can’t check, but I’ve been using it to save various mix setups of around 40 channels, so it’s definitely there.

Thanks for the comment, aevans. Are you using v7.0.1? I believe it was there in 7.0.0 and I remember using it with that version. But, as I understand from reading some posts in this forum, with version 7.0.1 it disappeared.

If you are using this current version then that is quite puzzling.

Statements have been made by at least one user, which have not been refuted by Steinberg.

Forum rules state that member statements do not necessarily constitute an official word of Steinberg and that such posts may be removed without notice, so in this case I’d say it’s safe to assume that what was included by the members is correct.

Is brains back among us?

here is the announcement of the death of vmx :frowning:

It’s not what i say which is what matters here, but rather the word of others, namely reputable forum members acting with the utmost integrity.

Besides Helge did make a statement to the effect that something will need to be worked out during the V7 product cycle, which in my opinion and judging from experience will be a simple import mechanism and nothing more.

Just to keep this up to date: This is a quote I found from another, more active post on the same subject. Hopefully this will be resolved.


how were you able to update your signature to 7.0?

Hopefully SB will implement session import date (like PT) as well as .vmx

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Unfortunately I was not able to even create a signature, let alone specify I am using Cubase 7.0.1

I just noticed this myself and I will have to go back to Cubase 6.5 until this issue is fixed. Why this feature was so important to my workflow: Clients are on a budget. I take one song of theirs and mix it to perfection, use the channel presets for the next song. Yes you can save the inserts in v7 yes but having all the level, sends amounts and routing also saved was a great time saver. Being able to save the vmx files onto my hard drive meant that I could re-call all variations for clients easily. With new mixes, I could re-save the presets and place them in a folder with the new song name after tweaking and use for similar sounding songs. Think of it this way, instead of mixing all the songs from scratch, you could easily import the presets and your song would be 90% mixed. It saves days of work in the studio. Days which my clients are going to want to pay for now just because the feature is now gone. Back to 6.5. Fix this Steinberg!

That is strange. You have a registered account right? Otherwise you wouldn’t be here. I am at a loss for help now. It works for me.

See here : there is indeed a problem…

7.0.0 has the save selected channels feature. I can only hope to guess that it was a really silly mistake with 7.0.1. I . I got drunk once, or twice, or thrice. Of course, I was not drunk while writing code for a worthy DAW…

I really hope the one responsible, at least loses some vacation time…

From one of the Mod statements that .VMX was no longer supported, it would seem the mistake was including it in the initial 7.0.0 release

I really hope a better implementation of similar functionality is included in an update. (as the old .vmx was a bit clunky)