Please Bring Back The Full Color Palette - The ultimate Thread!

Sorry for the ambitious title. But instead of repeating history with multiple cluttered threads of people who want Cubase to look lighter, darker, more colorful, monochrome, b/w, whatever…we should unite in one to maybe finally get back the full color palette.

I’m very happy with Cubase. Basically all of the very few things that annoyed the hell out of me (not necessarily because they weren’t there, but because they made no sense) were fixed in recent updates, except for this one. We already had the full color palette in C9(?), but with the next x.5 update it was gone. It makes no sense. I get that not everybody needs it, I get that there might have been an uptick in support requests, but in that case just make it optional in the preferences.

Dark grey is better than nothing. But I work in a rather dark environment because that’s where I’m most creative and I have to make more breaks than necessary because my eyes get strained. There are multiple threads on here by people who experience the same thing on this or the other end of the spectrum. I’m not a programmer, so please excuse my ignorance, but the fact that this feature was already there indicates that it doesn’t take a lot of manpower and time to reimplement it.

I don’t have the illusion that this might be addressed in a maintenance update, but maybe we collect enough votes to have a relevant impact on the plans of C14.

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