Please bring back Undo for individual Key Editor as an OPTION in the "Preferences"

This is the letter of asking help of the disappeared function in Cubase 11. I’m a honest user of Cubase. I’ve been using Cubase for many many years and It’s always been my favoritly used software. A while ago, I upgraded to Cubase 11,an emerging problem is causing me a lot of trouble and I really hope it could be solved.
There were many following cases. I finished track A and thought OK, then I went on track B, C, D, E, F and had done a lot of work. At this time, due to some reasons, I wanted to realize “undo” only on track A. In Cubase 7.5, all I need to do is just go back to “Key Editor” of track A and enter “ctrl + z” to find the corresponding historical version. However, in Cubase11, it is impossible unless I have to undo all the work done on tracks B, C, D, E, and F. This caused great inconvenience to my work. I know the point that different people like the different modes of “undo”, but there are still people need this function as in previous Cubase versions. The disappearance of“ Key Editor proprietary undo function” really brings a lot of trouble on my work. So I really hope it could be back. I would really appreciate if it could have a preference option to choose each mode based on individual request.