PLEASE bring these back

1 - WarpVST
2 - TL Audio EQ-1

I used to use these all the time - the TLA EQ is a wonderful sounding plug, and I am gutted it will smply not run on W7. Likewise WarpVST - it is one of the very few amp sims that actually sounds as it should do…

Yep I sadly noticed this, too, when, some months ago, after upgrading to W7/64 I inserted my Warp CD and wanted to install this, so:

+2 for WARP VST!!! Love the Warp, Jazz Chorus, Plexi amps and quality Speaker Cabinets. This was in no way a cheap guitar amp simulator! Is there a patch or other work around to get this great program going again? :frowning:

+4 for Warp

If there is, please, somebody - tell us!!