Please can anybody help me? Wrong notation

I hop anybody can help me:

Notate on the first and second beat sixteen - eight - sixteen TIE sixteen - eight - sixteen. Dorico change the tied sixteenth to an eight. I don’t want that but I don’t uderstand how to change that.
When those rhythms are moved to beat 2 and 3 it works fine.
Schermafbeelding 2016-10-21 om 22.42.09.png
Schermafbeelding 2016-10-21 om 22.42.01.png

Use the G clamp tool

Sorry… the G clamp tool? Where and how can I use that tool (I’ve found the manual but nothing found)

It’s on the left panel like a Clamp. Typing O will select it.

I’ve found it. But what can I do with the Clamp tool? I don’t understand it

While the Clamp is selected, Dorico won’t change the value of any notes or rests that you input.

The manual:

Always creates the explicit duration that you have specified on the notes panel. For example, you can activate Force Duration to force the input of a dotted quarter note on the second quarter beat of 4/4, where Dorico, by default, splits the note with a tie.

Any time signature changes or other edits to your music may lead to unexpected results.

If you activated Force Duration during input, you can remove the restrictions on how Dorico notates the music by selecting the affected passage of music and selecting Edit > Reset Appearance.

I understand. Is it possible to change the restrictions globally for this?

On the Write menu (right at the top of the screen; may be hiding if you’re in full screen mode) click Notation Options. Make sure you’re in Note Grouping (top left dropdown menu) and you should hopefully find what you what.