Please can the ASIO buffer size be added to the Status Line

This is a big ommision for me. I frequently change buffer sizes depending on what I am doing and having to go into the nested Device Setup dialogs to get the sound card buffer size dialog each time is one step it would be nice to remove. We’ve got sample rate and just about everything else in the status line except buffer size!

Please - big please - can we have this added?

It would be even better if we could change the buffer size from the status line as well with a drop down of available buffer sizes. Saves mousing around, saves clicks, speeds up workflow, makes Cubase easier. Win-Win :slight_smile:

Thank you.


That would be helpful but I fear that switching the sample buffer size all the time, will eventually make the application unstable or have other unwanted side-effects. But if it would be safe, then +1


A few years ago I discovered that projects SOUNDED different depending on the buffer size you play them at. The timing of MIDI notes can be negatively affected. Not sure if this is certain VST developers’ errors that have been since fixed, or whether this phenomenon is still true.