Please can we have PRE-insert EQs?

Pretty please?
I have a habit of mastering on the fly and the EQs cause clipping as they come after the inserts (and of course after third party limiters)

I’d rather use the steinberg EQs just not in the order they are currently.

Also, a nice reverb on the channel strip would be lovely at some point in cubase 7’s future.


Best to actually register properly and then you can post in the C7 forum.

The channel EQ is before the post fader inserts, where probably most people would usually put (3rd) party limiters.

If that’s so then why do I get levels of above 0db when the EQ is on? Sounds like a bug to me.

Most probably because you´re doing something not correct. What exactly is hard to tell without any info.

You do know only the last 2 insert points are post-fader?

This isn’t my concern, its the position of the EQs. Thanks

As said already - the post fader inserts are post EQ - time to get familiar with the Cubase signal flow…

Aloha C,
This link may or may not help. (a real shot-in-the-dark here).

It discusses the different audio routing paths in C7 vs C6.

HTH (hope this helps)

The EQ belongs to the strip section and C7 allows to swap the position of this section with that of the inserts section for every single channel individually. All you have to do is place the strip section before the inserts section and the EQ will automatically be placed before the inserts.