please change the add track popup

It’s confusing and annoying. At least make us have presets so we don’t have to click through numerous dropdown menus to create a simple mono track. It’s a workflow killer.

If you then miss a setting you have to do it all over again :imp:

also - make it more intelligent. How often do I need to make a mono group? Maybe 1 out of 50. How often do I need to make a mono effects track? One out out 100.

How often do I need a mono track for recording vocals? 99 out of 100.

How often do I need to add an empty stereo audio track…close to never?

Do you follow me?

How often do I need an empty stereo audio track…close to always for electric guitar.

I follow you, just not sure we’re all going to the same place. :wink:

For those ‘I always want…’ situations, Track Presets might get you there.

Cubase needs to start implementing basic AI techniques of predicting user behaviour based on past usages. That would give the software the edge over all over DAWs in the market

I agree - it’s unfortunately another reason why Cubase is so click-heavy compared to most other DAWs. It gets very tiresome dealing with these things day in and day out when it doesn’t need to be that way. Everyone’s needs are different though – I often need an empty stereo audio track for many reasons, for example.

Very simply arranged presets in the Add New Track window are the way to go for sure.


Yes - AI would be sooooo cool and a real time saver. Screw the mouse clicks

When applications try to be smart, try to predict behavior, they will kill workflow. Maybe just remember last actions / last selections, maybe just give focus to the last used GUI element to spare a click. But please no KI in Cubase, don’t fall for the hype. KI doesn’t mean intelligence. If people speak of KI nowadays, they often just mean statistical data mining on very large data sets.