Please Change The Forum Back!

It’s been a little while since I visited the Steinberg Forum but only a month or two. I have to say I can’t stand the change, it is horrible. Why was this done?!? I would say if it’s broke don’t fix it but it would be more accurate to say if it’s fixed don’t break it. I lost all of my private messages and history. This is a huge step backwards not forward. No more forum categories or groups. Every topic and thread is dumped into one place… and up and down votes are used, for what?!? It’s more like a feature request voting system.

I’ll be going somewhere else soon. Steinberg should see this as an embarrassment.

hi Crevice9

It sounds like your old profile didn’t copy across properly - this ‘should’ be fixable if you provide more details.

It’s you decision if you ‘go somewhere else’ but it would be a shame because this is the single best Steinberg resource that exists. The things like ‘categories’ and ‘groups’ exist in different forms now…but there are still just as useable IMO.

Why not bear with it for a bit longer ?- you might find that you actually prefer the new format - many others have come the same conclusion, including me :smiley: and I’m not a Steinberg employee but I’m certainly not ‘embarrassed’ by and I can guarantee that there is no going back.

Oh believe me I know they won’t change it back. It just sums up what I think about the change. Unless you are referring to Cubase and Wavelab as examples of different “groups” I have to disagree. They do have groups listed in the menu link and the count is massive.

You can’t even create tags for thread post unless they are apparently preapproved.

Horrible forum design.

hi Crevice9

Yes, I’m referring to Cubase/Wavelab as different groups and yes the post count is massive - but it always was, even on the old forum.

I totally agree that not every aspect of the forum is a good - and yes I think the layout isn’t perfect but now it works on the vast majority of mobile devices much better. Might not matter to you but it does for lots of others.

I’m respect your right to be frustrated but can I ask you bear with it for a week or two - once the new layout sinks in I’m very hopeful you will change your mind…at least partially.

regarding your old username - please add to this thread and I think we can get that resolved.

ohhh…and if you have questions about the new forum - how to tag - what the votes mean - how to add screenshots etc then ask away :smiley:

Apparently you are unfamiliar with sarcasm . I said the count is massive, which you agreed with :roll_eyes: the count is zero as shown in the screenshot I posted above the post you made asking me if I needed help posting a screenshot.

No tags, no polls, no groups, no sense.

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it seems so…and I’m sorry that I’ve appeared to upset you - thanks for the feedback though :smiley:

I actually think it’s better now. I disliked it too for a bit but just decided to deal with it and learn how to get things done.

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I initially hated the new forum. And while there are aspects I still dislike (which was true in the old forum too) I have come around and now prefer this new one.

What changed for me is that I stopped trying to use it in the same manner as the old forum . In the old forum I used to monitor a half dozen or so sub-forums, going from one to another everyday to see what’s new. Trying to do that on this new forum I find fairly cumbersome & certainly played a big part in hating the forum.

So I stopped trying to navigate like that. Instead I went into the forum’s Preferences and Muted all the Categories except for the Categories that corresponded to the old sub-forums I used to follow. Now it only shows me those posts and nothing else - which as far as ‘what’ I see is the same as it was on the old forum. Except now I don’t have to jump between sub-forums to see them. I just go to the “Latest” tab, scroll down until I reach the red last-visited line and start reading posts bottom to top. Now it typically takes me a third or so less time to scan/read/reply to posts than it did on the old forum.

Once I stopped trying to make the new forum behave like the old one, it got a lot better.

And there are things in the new forum that are so much better from the get-go. The most significant imho is that it is so simple to embed quotes and pictures in posts. It used to be something like “…it’s the button that looks like space aliens herding goats” where now, in less time I can snag a screen grab and circle that button & post it - or even copy and paste an image from anywhere.

Laugh if you like but that is what space aliens look like

This has already drastically improved the quality of responses to how-to questions. It has also made problem solving easier because folks can ask for and see specific configurations etc.