Please Confirm: Copy/Paste Bug in 6.5

Can anyone confirm that the standard Ctrl+V which is supposed to be paste acts like select all in N6.5? That’s wierd as hell! :open_mouth:

I checked my X-tra keys and it’s got the command Ctrl+V, used Ctrl+V directly from the keyboard and got the same result. It will not paste! Instead, it selects all! Copy and repeat works, copy and duplicate works, but not copy and paste.

Have you checked in the Key Commands dialog to see what ctrl-V is assigned to?

Yep, it SAYS Ctrl+V. I even deleted it and wrote it in again to see if that would make a difference. it did not. Did you try it?

This is totally whacked! The copy/paste function keeps coming in and out! It works, then it doesn’t. I’ll open a project in 6.5 try the copy paste using my x-tra keys units and nothing happens. It won’t even register in the edit history! I’ll go back and try it from the keyboard and it works. Then when I go back to using the x-tra keys for the same thing, it works!

Other functions are very “iffy” as well. I split an event at bar 6 and told it to move to bar 1 using the start window for the highlighted event. Instead of moving it, it re-sized it! That actually registered in on the history page. It hit undo and moved it slightly. Then I tried using the start window again to tell it to move to bar 1 and this time it moved.

Besides that, ABSOLUTELY NONE OF THE EUCON PROBLEMS HAS BEEN FIXED as had been stated for this release!

Eucon crash on exit still present
Knob calibration is still off
Multiple fader banks still won’t bank in mass

For me, this was a total waste of money. It didn’t fix a single thing that I cared about nor did it offer a single new feature that I needed. What a huge disappointment! So much for “waiting for the calvery” to come save us.

That’s pretty wild. The only thing I am thinking is to check what window is what is in focus when you issue the command. Just thinking of variables… Have you tried this with a blank project to build the inconsistency from scratch?