Please confirm: Freeze and automation issue

Hi everyone,

I am currently in contact with the Steinberg support team concerning a problem I have discovered when using automation on an instrument track together with freeze. Currently, the support is not able to reproduce the problem so it may be that this is only a local problem on my workstation. Maybe, someone of you can try to reproduce the problem by going through the following steps:

1.) Create new project
2.) Create instrument track with any instrument (“Padshop” i.e.)
3.) Draw or record a MIDI event with a few bars length.
4.) Open a new automation lane for an instrument parameter (i.e. master volume of Padshop)
5.) Record or draw automation data and set automation to read for the track
6.) Save project
7.) Freeze the track. Please use the option to freeze the instrument and the channel (don’t know the exact wording in English as I have a German version) and select the “unload instrument” option, too.
8.) Save the project and close it.
9.) Reopen the saved project.
10.) Unfreeze the track.

On my system, the automation lane for the instrument parameter is not active anymore. The read and write buttons are grayed out, and during playback the automation does not work. There is no way to get the automation active again with one exception: If you save the project, close and reopen it, the automation is active again.

It would be really helpful if somebody here could reproduce this problem so that this bug can be confirmed.

Thanks for your help in advance.


I cannot reproduce your problem. It is working correctly here. I followed your repro steps. good luck.

Maybe you can share out a project file that is frozen that you can repro with. Might help take some unknown variable out of the equation.

Perhaps a prefs trash is in order?
Rename or move the folder C:\users\accountname\Appdata (this is hidden)\Steinberg and restart Cubase to let it create fresh preferences and try the repro again. If it doesn’t help put back your old preferences, or you’ll have to manually set them again.

I have already deleted all preferences - no luck. In addition, I have installed Cubase 6.5 on my laptop (with no Cubase or other DAW installed before) and I have the same issue.

I will create an example project this evening so that somebody here can try to reproduce the issue using the project file.


I have not yet created an example project. However, I have created a short video showing the problem on my system. As I already wrote before: The same problem exists on my laptop with a clean Cubase 6.5.0 installation so it seems that the behaviour has nothing to do with control surfaces, audio hardware and so on.

The video shows the German Cubase version but I hope that it is helpful nonetheless: