Please confirm the project working directory ???

I have a folder with all my projects. Then I decided to do some improvements on the songs but still keep the old ones as they are.

So I did copy the original folder and created a new one from it. So now I have:
My Music 1
My Music 2.

So the idea is to keep the “My Music 1” as it is and do some improvements on the same songs that are in “My Music 2”.

Now, everytime I try to open the songs within the latest folder I keep getting:

The project file has been moved!
Please confirm the project working directory!

Document path is: C:…\My Songs 2\Song\Song.cpr

New(1): C:…\My Songs 2\Song\Song.cpr
Old(1): C:…\My Songs 1\Song\Song.cp

So how do I solve this? Is there a way so I don’t need to confirm every time?

I have been getting this message before, but don’t recall how I did solve it. It’s been a long time since I did anything in Cubase.

Hmm. Looks like It’s solved now. The problem was that after selecting New Location and loading the project I didn’t save it. If I save it I won’t get the question again whether to use “New” or “Old” path.