Please consider incorporate Divisimate workflow

Divisimate is an excellent tool. But the most tedious part is to map the tracks one by one. (Especially, Cubase still hasn’t fix when you hit midi routing on the track panel the focus is not on the input box)

It would be nice if Steinberg could incorporate it into Cubase. Imagine if you select multiple tracks and it automatically maps to divisimate. Deselect and track back to their original MIDI routing (like “All MIDI In”)

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Even better if Steinberg would implement something similar into Cubase itself without the need of any external tools.

The fact that Steinberg haven’t adopted matrices for both MIDI and audio routing is absolutely moronic. This is digital. They should act like it.

Just to clarify, i meant Steinberg should implement what Divisimate does into Cubase. That would be really nice.

That could be nice too. However, keeping it independent is not bad either. Divisimate is already very good.

I recently installed some CPU-hungry VST instruments. If I ran them inside Cubase, Cubase would become super draggy, impossible to do anything. But if I run the same amount of instances in VEPro, it’ll still be smooth. That’s the perk of having 3rd party run some of the functions.

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Divisi would be very low on CPU resources and can’t be compared to heavy plugins regarding this.