Please Devs, allow us to install Cubase 11 onto Windows 7 at our own risk - all my reasons why

I don’t know if it’s because Devs intentionally blocked Windows 7 from using the installer, or if it’s some sort of security certification thing or what… but… Windows 7 is better.

I have started switching my Steinberg operations to my Windows 10 laptop and will continue to but so far:

1.) Graphical issues I haven’t been able to solve

2.) Some odd Windows 10 behaviors to solve, example, ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ takes forever to open menu.

3.) Windows 10 is extremely bloated, it hardly feels like an engineering program that NASA would use - which is my standard

4.) My AutoHotkey Scripts ARE NOT WORKING THE SAME IN WINDOWS 10. These scripts save me SO MUCH TIME. This sole point alone is to make me want to stay on Windows 7 forever.

1.) My Windows 7 has been stable forever, and continues to be.

2.) I am running Cubase SX3, Cubase 4 - 32bit and 64bit, Cubase 8.5 - 32bit and 64bit, Cubase 10, and Cubase 10.5 without problems.

3.) I can run both old 32bit plugins and, new 64 bit - I can open up all my old projects using those old free plugins found on KVR, as well as all new plugins released today all on one system.

4.) No bloatware / no overbearing security protocols

5.) Can run most Windows XP software without issue, as well as most Windows 10 software

This is an engineering system.

Windows 10 is simply, not ready for my level of operation.

The only thing I like about Windows 10, is the dark mode and the flatter UI/titlebars.

I feel like the cool nerdy engineering thing for Steinberg to do, would be to continue support of Windows 7. Many peoples operations depend on Windows 7. Yes most people it doesn’t matter, for me - things like my Autohotkey scripts, without direct 1:1 replacement… matter.

At least make Cubase 11 the final Win7 version… not 10.5…

  1. You know, depending on your laptop, I feel you’re going to bust your … with this issue. I have a bad experience with graphic drivers and laptops. I have win10 (and cubase 11) on a dell e6420 (ancient POS), with no graphics (only hd3000). This brings me to “unsupported” land, and I get some black buttons in the mixconsole and certain graphic glitches, but thank god nothing severe as you’re showing. You’ll have to juggle onboard intel drivers and nvidia, and stay with what works.

  2. Why? Mine are working fine here. Have you installed the same ahk version?

Generally, I find 10 to be very stable. I always held back between operation systems (and even 32 vs 64 bit, what a mistake…), but from 7 to 10, I didn’t even have to reinstall anything! I just pressed the button, and from 7 I went to 10. Simple as that.

I have jBridge for a couple of indispensible plugins from way back, so I’m set.

But if you use older versions systematically, why not get a used PC and dedicate it to that? You could also dual boot 7 and 10 if you have the stomach for such things.

You have had bad luck with 10, for me it was completely trouble-free.

JBridge has mostly been problematic for me, never tried it again.

I try to avoid “bad luck” with computers, and instead stick with what has been giving me luck. Imo, too many variables… Once you get lucky, don’t abandon that luck.

I do plan on building a Windows 10 desktop, just don’t have the finances nor time to do it… and when I do it, I’m going all in on a new system so it’s going to be $$,$$$.

Honestly though, if they could somehow squeeze 11 to be Win7 compatible… I’d probably be good for another 3 years at least… maybe longer.


Also my current desktop mobo is not Win10 capable, so, no dual boot.

How old is the computer? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

I had an older laptop (2011). It was coping pretty well back then. I put Windows 10 on it when it was released. It worked. But I was getting more and more graphics issues with each new Windows and Cubase releases. Finally I gave up troubleshooting and decided te get a new laptop with Windows 10. And it works fine now.

I need to upgrade both my laptop and desktop, going with ASUS in both instances. ASUS X299 mobo for the desktop, ASUS Zen Book Pro Duo for the laptop…

But that’s like… $20,000k worth of computer. I’m not making that much at the moment.


hopefully this becomes true, would be so handy to have the export manager for my Win7 archive machine