Please direct me to the correct forum for issues I can post

Hi, first of all, my apologies if I am posting in the incorrect area, please guide me as I am new to the forum bizzo.

My issue is this,(it’s probably dead simple but I can’t seem to type the right words in google to get a solution) im half way through a composition on cubase 7 and suddenly when I got to edit a midi event ie double clicking it, it solo’s that track so I can’t hear the rest, it’s really irritating.

Can anyone help please?

Also, is there a way to highlight everything in the loop brace? Then move everything in the loop brace without using the range select tool as that sticks to the quantize amount as far as I am aware.
So, I have to highlight large sections by zooming in, it get tricky when you’re making music that isn’t stuck to the first beat of every bar ie a 64th right to the start of the grid. I have to zoom in then highlight the section by moving across with the mouse but if the section is huge it takes forever to get to the whole section I want to move. Ableton for example, you put the loop brace on, click it and it will highlight all that is in that section and you can move section with ease even if they are not stuck to the start of a bar.

Hope that makes sense??? Any help would be muchly appreciated.

Top left hand corner of your key editor is a grey “S” for solo on a black background. That solos your midi part. Click it & you should be okay.

Not quite sure about braces etc but if I understand you correctly Ctrl-A will select all midi events in the editor.
Use the arrow keys to move the notes up & down but not side to side or CTRL and arrow keys to move left & right but not up and down.
Really hope that helps

There are key commands for selecting everything between the locators…(loop brace)
Read the manual.